Growing your own food and herbs is possible wherever you are in the world! Whether it is a tomato plant on your balcony, a pot of herbs on your windowsill, or a big garden of vegetables, growing your own food is an empowering way to form a direct relationship with the food you are eating. When you eat your first sweet viola flower you grew or sip tea on a chilly morning from the fresh mint, you might fall in love with


tending the plants.

I began growing food more than 20 years ago as a way to heal myself and of chronic health issues and pain. I started on a little balcony and filled every inch with violas, tomatoes, basil and other seeds I picked up at the local store.

I had no idea what I was doing then, and I loved it. I am forever learning and this is some of what I have gleaned from apprenticeships, traditional and indigenous practices, books and trial and error. There are so many amazing methods and practices for growing food, and healthy, living soil, sunshine and water are the best way to begin.

Starting is the first step, and anyone can do this!

Like foraging, growing your own food connects you to the plants you are eating in a different way. 

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