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The Medicine Circle is creating magical fare, seasonal healing recipes and transformative rituals. 


Tara brings amazing creativity, love, and intention to everything she cooks.  I have been lucky to have been a part of workshops were she has served beautiful works of art as nourishing meals. Her process and the depth of relationship with the food she cooks and the land in which its grown is inspiring.  

K. Michelle Johnson, MA Pyschotherapist

“Tara weaves and infuses her love and creativity into the food she creates in such a magical way. She grows the food with her family and I could taste the blessings. Eating her food was such a magical experience, the presentation was so beautiful and the food so delicious. Thank you, Tara, every bite felt like an offering of love and connection to the earth” 

Molly M.

Tara is a truly gifted artist, visionary and alchemist. Her inspired creations evoke an ancient medicine that is felt deep within the bones. Whether it’s one of her paintings or a feast that she has lovingly prepared, Tara invites us to remember who we are in a most beautiful way.  

Lisa Reese