“I participated in a partnership-in-healing with Tara to create a journey-work painting for me and it is stunning. She perfectly articulated the elements that felt most salient and her use of color and texture makes the painting come alive on the wood. We spent a lot of time talking about what felt important to incorporate and I could tell that she was both listening to me and listening to what was asking to be represented. As an artist and as a healer, Tara is profoundly gifted at this. She listens deeply, both to the person as well as to the elementals and the underlying meaning. This listening is so clearly and beautifully expressed in her painting. One of the aspects that I cherish about the art that now hangs on my wall is that the process of its inception and the journey that we all three (Tara, myself, and the painting) went through is so clear in every brush stroke and color choice. It is a daily and constant reminder of my soul work and celebration, and I am so grateful for Tara's skill and talent at putting that celebration into her brushes.” 

Alicia Banister, LMT, Portland, OR

“Tara’s work is such a gift. The first cord-cutting journey she completed on my behalf helped me through an extremely difficult time.  I continue to gain understanding as the layers of that release unfold in my life.  The depth and power of this shamanic work is met with grace in the way that Tara delivers her experience of the journey. She describes so vividly what she encountered, and I have been introduced to sprit animals, plant allies, and guides of mine.  She offers beautiful self-care suggestions, meditations, and support for the integration process.  I continue to work with Tara as the call for more soul work rises within, and I am so grateful that I have found her. “

R. Frisk

“What a beautiful journey this has been! When I contacted Tara for a "Prescription" Journey, I truly had no idea what was waiting for me along the road. I purchased it with no clear intentions, just out of genuine curiosity, and as I was anxiously waiting to have Tara journey on my behalf, I realized that I was entering into an unexpected transition in my life. Without being communicated anything about what was developing, she had the most profound messages for me, at just the right time, that guided me through this short but very profound and eye-opening chapter in my life. I am so grateful for the work that she has to offer. If you're here reading this review, contemplating about purchasing a prescription, or cord cutting journey, you're ready for this! Just dive into it... you will feel blessed on so many levels! Namaste” 

S. Totic