for here and for my books, and my intention with this project is that we all form deeper connection with the natural world and the food we share, continuing to tend the Earth with reverence. 

I work with foraged and homegrown plants when creating recipes

of the Arapahoe, Cheyenne, and Ute Nations in Colorado.

I live and work on the unceded land

and listen to the stories it carries.

I cultivate relationship to the land I tend,

After healing chronic health issues and pain through connection to the plants, herbs and food, I was inspired to share more on the practice of culinary herbalism.

Everything I prepare and share is gluten and dairy-free, and mostly made with gentle sweeteners like maple syrup, honey and coconut sugar.

I wrote and photographed a cookbook called “Foraged and Grown” that highlights seasonal and healing foods that are infused with the flowers, plants and herbs growing around us.

Food connects and weaves us together, from seed to plate, and the lands we live on to the stories we share across the table.

Thank you for being here!

Tara Lanich-LaBrie

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Culinary Herbal & Gluten-Free Courses

-Rosemary Gladstar, herbalist and author of Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs and more

"It’s hard to believe that food this gorgeous can be so incredibly tasty, healthy, and good for us! Each dish in Foraged & Grown is a sensory feast of flowers, herbs, and wild foods artfully blended into the most unique and tantalizing recipes. This is most definitely my new favorite cookbook!"

-Sarah Britton, holistic nutritionist, chef, founder, and author of My New Roots

"Tara is a genuine plant whisperer. Her connection to the Earth and all of its living gifts is strong, and her creative, vibrant recipes celebrate this! We are so lucky to have this resource, both practical and inspiring, full of ideas and deliciousness, so that we can taste and reconnect to the beautiful place we call home."

-Nick Polizzi, founder of The Sacred Science and author of The Sacred Science Cookbook

“What Lanich-LaBrie is doing with foraged and herbal foods has not been done before. This book is a living bridge between primordial plant medicine traditions and stone-cold culinary brilliance. This woman is on a journey, and Foraged & Grown is an outreached hand, daring the bold among us to join her."

-Alessandro Vitale, creator of Spicy Moustache and author of Rebel Gardening

“A captivating journey into the bountiful world of wild ingredients. This exceptional book effortlessly weaves together the art of foraging and the joy of culinary exploration. . . . With its practical wisdom, this book is an absolute must-have for all food enthusiasts and nature lovers alike."

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