MAY Seasonal & Medicinal eBook

MAY Seasonal & Medicinal eBook

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May is a time to celebrate the oncoming rush of abundance with fresh and cooked vegetables in a rainbow of color, and to take wanders in wild spaces or even the backyard, (if you're able to right now). Nettles can be found out in the woods by streams and near shaded ponds. Dandelions are still blooming and the lilacs and other flowers are in full bloom now.

In these strange times, I have found myself rooting into the recipes that have brought me comfort over the years, from biscuits and gravy to seasonal ramen bowls. May lends itself to new ways forward, even in the midst of what feels so challenging.

This month I am celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of the monthly Medicine Circle eBooks. This year of creating the Seasonal & Healing eBooks has been a deep learning experience that I am so grateful to be able to continue! There were over 150 recipes created in my little kitchen this past year, and I definitely could not have done any of it without your support and kind words.

Thank you so much for joining me for this journey, and I hope you enjoy this month's eBook!