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The Medicine Circle AUGUST Printable E-Book

The Medicine Circle AUGUST Printable E-Book

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Welcome to August! This is a month of continuing abundant harvests in the wild places and in the tended. Wild roses are still blooming in the high mountains, and prolific flushes of calendula and basil are coming to fruition in the garden.

I believe food is the link between many worlds: to the past, present, and future, to the medicine plants, to our ancestors; to the seeds and their blooms, and to the healing and thriving that is our birthright.

I have personally experienced the healing power of food and medicine plants, and it is my path and deep joy to share what I have learned over the years in this monthly series that celebrates food in all its delicious beauty!

May these books be a guide for your own deepening relationship to your food, the plant world, and your health.