Retreat & Workshop Services, Available Worldwide

Retreat & Workshop Services, Available Worldwide

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One of my passions in life is creating beautiful, organic, inspired food for groups of people. I see food as a direct offering to the people eating it; it is a "channeled" meal of beauty, color and flavor in every bite. I incorporate the participants and theme of a course into the field while I harvest, allowing the seasonal plants to guide the meals served. I am focused on seasonality, balance and beauty. 

When in Colorado, I utilize seasonal, foraged plants and also organic, soil-grown ingredients direct from our family farm, Esoterra Culinary Gardens, in Boulder County to create colorful food that nourishes and supports the work being done in a retreat setting. 

When traveling I source directly from local area farms as much as possible, adding in fresh, foraged, and organic store-bought ingredients when necessary.  

I am inspired by the retreat leaders and participants themselves, and I work to create a kind of "culinary curriculum" that supports and anchors the work that unfolds in the course.

Contact me directly to discuss details and cost:

"I have the joy of partnering with Tara during the retreats that I teach. She creates meals for the group that are beyond following recipes. Tara weaves intuition, animistic relationship with the plants, and her connection to the spirit of our group to create a food alchemy experience. With Tara, eating becomes a sacred ritual and remembering in our cells and bones of an ancient connection to the food we eat. It is a pleasure to watch all of my students journey through deep feeling, awe and joy as they take in Tara's creations and become transformed. Tara has a unique gift as a ritual artist with a special connection to her own magic and the spirit of the land that she works with, which can be truly felt in her creations. I highly recommend her offerings."

-Rachel Weitz,  Living True Nature Healing Arts, Boulder, CO



“Tara weaves and infuses her love and creativity into the food she creates in such a magical way. She grows the food with her family and I could taste the blessings. Eating her food was such a magical experience, the presentation was so beautiful and the food so delicious. Thank you, Tara, every bite felt like an offering of love and connection to the earth” 

-Molly M., Boulder, CO



"Tara's magical abilities open up a whole new dimension of eating, nutrition, and plant relationships. When you eat her food, you feel like you are eating a gorgeous mini universe of love that blows your mind and your mouth! It's like giving your spirit and body a sacred food bath. "Food" feels like an understatement, but when you eat it, it's a truly awakening, heart-fulfilling, earth-connecting, energizing, soulful, and sensual experience. You can't help but wonder how she does it, how something so amazing can be possible, and how the world would be entirely different if people ate and respected their food like this all the time."

-Alison Arams, Executive Director of Usungale Food For Thought