Food is a fundamental part of our human community, providing a vehicle to weave together what our ancestors knew was beyond survival; it is essential to our emotional, physical and spiritual health, as well as, our reciprocal relationship with the land, other people, and the other beings that live here on Earth.

I have been working on behalf of others for over a decade, learning and embracing different modalities to support people on their path, whether it is through art, food, or animistic healing practices. I have always deeply loved food, and have spent much of my life learning how to grow, prepare, appreciate and work with plants and food. 



 I am a painter and have been guided through art for the past 17 years to promote healing in the tapestry of an individual life. I view each person as holding a blueprint of a unique and beautiful pattern that inevitably frays and responds to the traumas we all experience, whether great or "small". When I am creating a painting, I see the pattern unfold and am given a way to covey it in its true form or original blueprint. 

Why The Medicine Circle?

From a young age I was fascinated with circles. Through painting as meditative practice, I found the Circle had the potential to heal, and it became the primary form I painted. All of my paintings since 2001 have been made of hundreds and  thousands of perfect circles. I paint each circle using a template, so they are mostly "perfect" and this is one piece of the meditative process that unfolds throughout the painting.

 As I researched the circle, I learned the place I am named for: "Tara, Ireland", is a place of circular mounds, and this led to a deeper appreciation of my name, ancestry and practices.

Across the world, the Circle is a symbolic or literal birthing place, a death place, a ceremonial ground, or a metaphorical stand-in for what and who we are; it is a universal touchstone for who we are in relation to the macro- and microcosmos, related to everything from seeds to embryos, the Moon and the planet we inhabit.