Deepening Relationships:
Animistic Practices for Relating With
Spirits of the Land, Ancestors, and Guides

Animism recognizes that we are part of a dynamic community and honors the relationships that connect us all. This community includes nature spirits, animals, humans, ancestors of place and blood, and many other beings.

In this 4-course series, we will explore practices and engage in ritual and ceremony that support cultivating healthy relationships with the land and ancestors of the land. We will also experience practices that tend and deepen our relationships with our ancestors and guides.

This course is a good match for people who enjoy being outside with the land, connecting with others, and who have a desire to be in good relationship with the many beings of our greater community.

Beings we will seek to connect with:
*Trees and plants
*Ancestors of land
*Ancestors of blood

Practices we will explore:
*Connecting with well ancestors from our blood lineages
*Bringing understanding and healing to places where our connections
may need repair
*Practicing relational skills with the spirits of place
*Developing and deepening our relationships with guides and teachers
*Earth-centered healing and ritual

We will also be blessed to have a magic maker creating all of our lunches from local and organic sources. Tara Lanich-LaBrie Of The Medicine Circle is a shamanic/animistic practitioner focused on working with food and the land, creating "farm-to-altar" meals with organic produce from her partner's farm, Esoterra Culinary Gardens in Longmont, Colorado. For this series of classes, Tara will be journeying with the class as a whole to create meals that are radiant and simple offerings, correlating with each monthly session to nourish the whole person, thereby creating an opportunity to go deeper together, in connection to the land and elements.

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